About Us

About The Book Inspectors

The Book Inspectors is a platform for both readers as well as writers and was set in motion in October 2021. We at TBI aim to provide the best professional services to Authors for the value of their money. TBI believes in “Vocal for Local” and hence works with budding Indian Authors to promote and market their work. On the other hand, we are a community of readers who highly support debut authors by reading, reviewing and promoting their books on various platforms.

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About The Founder

Nisha Panjwani

Nisha Panjwani

Despite coming from a middle-class family, Nisha always had a passion for creating something worthwhile, and being self-dependent was her main motto. After completing her bachelor’s in commerce, she went for her first job with Nuviscoach, an NLP institute in Kota, Rajasthan, her very first experience of the world outside her comfort zone, where she gained a great experience as a team leader. 9 months after working there, she went on to pursue her dream path, i.e., digital marketing, and did a certified course along with her master’s. Then, in 2021, she got an opportunity to work with Sharing Stories, a community of writers, and realized that this is what she enjoys, furthermore after analysing the market she concluded that book reviews are in high demand. Hence, she gave birth to her first baby, “The Book Inspectors.”

She is now a sole entrepreneur and a freelancer. Nisha also believes in changing the world, one step at a time, and thus is part of “JCI,” a non-profit organisation for self-grooming and social service, and “Let’s Clean Kota,” an initiative by young fellows who run cleanliness and awareness drives on a weekly basis.

Manifestation, Affirmation and saving the Nation are a few of her key concerns.

Why Choose The Book Inspectors?

  1. Author Branding- As an author marketing company, we believe in enhancing authors’ digital presence by staying on top of trends and marketing their work in innovative ways, for instance, all of our author-related posts and content carries specific tags and hashtags on social media.
  2. Efficiency in work- We adhere to our policy of serving our clients on or before the deadline.
  3. We are Ethical- At TBI, we provide you with honest and ethical services, and we keep you informed about the progress of the project on a regular basis to ensure transparency.
  4. Book Promotion- We offer our clients a variety of promotional services such as Author Interviews, Author Website Building, Book Listing, Bulk Book Reviews, Book Trailers, and Promotional Posts like Cover Reveal, Characters Reveal, etc.
  5. Editing, proofreading, and Manuscript building- We believe in building a good literature environment and knowing the pain an author went through while writing a book, we help authors to make their journey smooth by proofreading, Manuscript building, and editing services.