Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija

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Jay Singh is the best defence lawyer money can buy. Flamboyant, wicked, lethal, he is yet to lose a case. No matter the prosecutor, he will arm you with an ironclad alibi and deliver a sure-shot win – so what if his methods are unconventional.

But Jay has a dark and ominous past. His father’s murder from twenty years ago is the one case he cannot solve, his mother’s conviction the one truth he cannot accept. When a high-profile murder-accused comes knocking on his door, Jay finds himself embroiled in a case that can destroy him completely. If he loses, he must kiss his career goodbye. If he wins, he better keep his obituary ready.

As his past threatens to catch up with him, what will the undefeated lawyer choose to defend: his sterling reputation or the vicious truth?

Genre: Legal Thriller

Age Group: 18+

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Book Review

  • Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija is a legal thriller that surrounds the life of Jay Singh, defense lawyer. He gets a high-profile murder case on his hands, a politician’s son is accused of murder, and he takes it. Losing this case could lose almost all that he worked for all these years.
  • Alongside this, there is another subplot taking place. The protagonist Jay has a traumatic past, something that happened in his childhood is still affecting him. He is seen dealing with his childhood trauma and setting out to find answers. He has Bhima, (a friend, a bodyguard, a valet, a security head- all in one) by his side, who is very loyal to him.
  • The very initial part of the story gives a hint of Agatha Christie’s telling. But the curiosity will kill you till the last chapter!
  • This story feels more like an action Bollywood movie where the ‘hero’ supposedly has all the powers. “Need hi-class weapons? I got it. Need to track someone? I got people. An overly attentive 24-hour bodyguard? I LITERALLY HAVE ONE!!”
  • Most parts of the story were predictable. But there were other instances that made us shake our heads in excitement. This courtroom drama gets as spine-chilling as it can.
  • But one thing we couldn’t wrap our head around was how the main love characters lacked chemistry. There was no building up of the romance, no development. It was as if the two just banged their heads together and fell head over heels in love with each other.
  • The language is not very difficult if one wants to start reading crime thriller books. Being a Bollywood bluff wouldn’t hurt as well.
  • In our opinion, the story was amazing and gripping and we would love to explore other legal thrillers written by this author.