My Name Is Cinnamon by Vikas Prakash Joshi

Book Blurb

Both a captivating chronicle and an endeavour of remarkable depth and ambition, My Name Is Cinnamon provides a richly textured narrative of a boy trying to find his roots and place in the world. On each part of his journey, he encounters new people, new cuisines, and new adventures as he learns a lot about himself and the world around him.

While being a light-hearted and heart-warming read, the book also covers some difficult themes that are rarely explored in ­children’s and young adult literature. It is a deeply moving testament to the unceasing desire to know oneself, the unrelenting pull of familial bonds, and the power of hope, sacrifice, and love.

With his perceptive observations, vivid descriptions, and an authentic voice, the author, Vikas Prakash Joshi, weaves an immersive plot with fully realised environments and characters that are sure to stay with you for a long time. Above all, My Name Is Cinnamon is about finding your own people and accepting who you are.

Book Review

Genre: YA Fiction

Age Group: 14+

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  • My name is Cinnamon by Vikas Prakash Joshi is a beautiful story subtly touching sensitive topics like adoption, usher syndrome, and teenage struggles.
  • The book follows the story of Cinnamon, aka Roshan Rishikesh, a happy-go-lucky boy who loves history and hates math just like any normal teen, though he is a special boy, as he was a “Heart-baby,” i.e., an adopted child. However, this is not an issue for him; he lives a life full of love, laughter, and banters with his parents over food, studies, sleep, and lifestyle preferences. One day, time rolls the dice in his life, allowing Cinnamon to explore his identity and abilities.
  • Vikas, through his vivid narration, took the readers to the different cities of India, from hustling-bustling Pune to the beautiful and colorful streets of Kolkata. With Cinnamon, we enjoyed different regional delicacies like Rasogulaa, Puneri, Khandeshi, and many more. The story flow is exceptional, which makes it a fast-paced read.
  • Though the author presents Cinnamon’s story with a humorous and adventurous style, this book also packs a serious emotional punch. It reflects Cinnamon’s emotions from her love and gratitude to his parents for finding their roots. We loved how the author crafted Cinnamon’s character that was easily relatable and will take the readers into carefree childhood memory lane.
  • Apart from Cinnamon, readers will love his parents as they were transparent, understanding, and supportive of every decision of Cinnamon.
  • Indeed, this book sends a message of love, hope, and positivity despite all social stigma and chaos. And it would be best to say this book holds a bitter-sweet life story that will pull on the readers’ heartstrings.
  • We wholeheartedly recommend this book to all readers.