Not You Please by Anuradha Dev

Book Blurb

Since the first time he humiliated her in middle school, Mishti has never seen Vikram as anything but an arrogant bully-gorgeous, but a bully just the same. Despite the fact that they attend the same high school, she’s managed to avoid him after all, it’s not like they run in the same social circles. But the year before graduation, their English teacher assigns Mishti and Vikram to a group project along with Saahil, Mishti’s crush. The timing couldn’t be worse…because this project has the potential to make or break Mishti’s high school career. To get into New York University, her dream college, Mishti has to make this trio work. 

As they’re forced to spend time together, Mishti is prepared for Vikram to be a lot of things-irresponsible, lazy, rude-but the last thing she expects is to like him. 

But with a history of hurt to get over, and a perfect guy like Saahil vying for her attention, will Mishti be able to trust Vikram with her heart again? 

Book Review

Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary Romance

Age Group: 14+

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Overall Rating:
  • Who doesn’t enjoy reading beautiful love stories usually set in high school or college? And reading Anuradha Dev’s debut book – ‘Not You Please’, immediately after Valentine’s Day, is fascinating and refreshing.
  • The story’s plot follows: Mishti is a high school student who is an introvert and a topper who aspires to attend New York University. But then there’s Vikram Sethi, a gorgeous handsome guy who’s also a bully! She had previously borne his humiliation in middle school and no longer wanted to cross paths with him. Still, her English teacher assigned a group project, and guess who was in her group, and the only thing that kept her going with this assignment was the third member of the group, Saahil, her crush! What happens when the three of them work together? Will they fight or come to peace? Pick up the book to know if ever Mishti and Vikram became friends again. What happened between Mishti and Saahil?
  • It is quite a refreshing read and Mishti’s character will surely bring back the forgotten teenager in you till you finish reading the book. The book has 50+ chapters titled Mishti and Vikram alternately. It was a pretty comfortable read, as we had a chance to read the Kindle version.
  • The story’s language, character portrayal and flow are well-designed and restored till the end of the story. There are several places where readers will taste the nostalgic feeling. The writing brings the characters to life, which is indeed something worth to be mentioned. Yes! You can see a confused Mishti by your side. This was exciting.
  • The colourful cover image with an engaging storyline makes Not You Please enjoyable.
  • Though it’s an easy read, there are some places where readers will stop, ponder, think, smile and get back to reading!
  • Kudos, Anuradha Dev and a great start!