The Power Of Stories Told by Monidipa Dutta

In the pages of books,
I find my escape,
A world of words,
That I can shape.

The ink on the paper,
Becomes my refuge,
A place where I’m safe,
From the world’s deluge.

I lose myself,
In the stories that unfold,
A love for literature,
That never grows old.

For the characters I meet,
Are my companions in life,
Their struggles and triumphs,
Are my battles and strife.

And when I close the book,
The story lingers on,
A part of me forever,
A memory that won’t be gone.

So let me love,
This literature of mine,
For it’s a passion that burns,
Like a never-ending sunshine.

And let me share,
This love that I hold,
With those who appreciate,
The power of stories told.

Monidipa Dutta

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