Let’s Get To Know Author Pranay Bhalerao

Q.1 When and how did you become interested in writing books? Tell us a bit about your books “The Lost World Duology” and “Kavaach Trilogy.”

Thank you for this opportunity. Being featured on your website is a great honour for me. And I must say that The book inspectors are doing a great job of making reading books cool.

I, from the beginning, wanted to write an original piece. I was inclined towards creative work from childhood. And I am not sure how the universe conspired, but I landed with friends in the creative field. So, to start with, I started my technical blog, the name of Thought Beats, and started writing technical articles on Android and computer programming. To see how much I can explain the topics I use every day. 


Translation: Why do you think people will read your technical articles? What is it that you offer and they will not get on the internet? I am not discarding your work, you are doing good, but create something that only you can offer, and they will not find it on the internet.

It was at this moment that I started working on the original story. And after researching for months and rather years on how to write books. Read hundreds of books, and then came The Lost Word Duology and the latest Kavaach Trilogy.

The Lost World Duology is a series about the clash between two civilizations and ideologies. One is isolated, living peacefully in the jungles, and the other is the Modern civilization trying to invade the former. The Lost World Duology has two books, The Lost World and The Lost World Rises.

The Kavaach trilogy is my latest offering, though only the first book of the trilogy, The Protectors of Kavaach, is out. It is a story about the secret of Karna’s Kavaach from the era of Mahabharata. A protected Rakshasa is after this secret, wanting to possess the Kavaach and a bloodline, chosen by Lord Indra himself, rises to protect it. A good amalgamation of history, mythology and science fiction.

Q.2 What has the experience of writing and publishing 3 books been for you? How has your Author journey been so far?

It’s a difficult task, I must say. The writing process takes time. Sometimes 6 to 8 months. And my latest one took almost a year. And the second one in this trilogy is also taking time. So it’s not pleasant when you want the story in your head to be on paper and take it to the readers, and the writing, editing, proofreading, and everything is pending. 

But when the book comes out, and I hear and read the reviews, I think it was all worth it, and this gives me the fuel to work even more. 

I am enjoying this author’s journey. It is shaping up well. I believe being an author is high pain, high rewards profession. You cannot keep your boots down when in this industry. You give it all, make good stories and present what the audience wants. That’s the pain part. 

The rewards are high when readers shower me with love. And that’s what I am here for, their love.

Storytelling is my core.

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Q.3 What are the challenges you faced while writing books and how did you overcome them? From where do you get the ideas and inspiration for writing?

I think everyone faces challenges when writing a story. I am no exception. I, too, faced challenges. It’s the characters and their motives that give me a tough time. If the motives are not strong and deep, then the actions and language don’t leave a lasting impact. 

For The Lost World duology, I wanted my readers to feel the impact and emotions, that’s why I took a metaphorical way to tell the story. Every action conveyed an emotion. It’s only for the readers to decide if I succeeded. 

For the Kavaach trilogy, it was getting the facts right. About our history, our ancient texts. Having learned about character development from my previous two outings, I focused more on research. 

And the only way I could overcome these challenges was by reading more and more books, travelling our incredible country, and indulging in healthy and fruitful discussions. Sometimes a trip to Europe also helped me. 

Last but certainly not least, Visiting the Himalayas and Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga. 

Lord Shiva has all the answers.

Q.4 With your Lost World Duology winning 9 literary awards and being approached by The Story Ink, the book-to-screen adaptation company, how does it feel?

I think I was just lucky to get those awards. I don’t think the books deserved so many awards. Not being modest here, but I honestly believe it. Something worked that time, it was a lockdown period, and the fraternity was kind enough to shower me with awards. 

But the best thing happened when I got the mail from The Story Ink. Anup from Story Ink approached me, and we discussed it over a video call. 

It feels good when your work is appreciated. Even we are in a deal for the book-to-screen proposition for the Kavaach Trilogy. It’s just that we are waiting for the other two books to come, or at least to finish the first draft so that we can work on the book-to-screen proposition. 

I can’t reveal much here, of course. It will be an exciting and proud moment to watch my baby on the screen. 

And it’s because of my readers that I could see all these achievements. Without them, I am nothing. So, I am trying to give it back to them with more stories, more happiness, and much love.

Q.5 Which are the top 3 books you would highly recommend, and what’s your most favorite genre?

There are a lot, but if I must pick three then these are the ones.

  1. Sapiens. 
  2. The Origin of Species.
  3. India after Gandhi.

Mythology is what stands out for me. Ironically, I didn’t recommend any book from that category. HAHAHA. We are indeed mysterious beings.

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Q.6 What factors are most important to you when choosing a book marketer? Any 3 practices that according to you are a must while marketing a book.

I am still learning. I just go with the heart. If we pass the vibe test, then we are collaborating. Because for me the business part is one side, that will flow, of course. But what matters to me the most is the heart. I came here to win over the love of my readers, to make more readers. I am not a methodical person; I go with the vibe. Like The book Inspectors. I sense that vibe, that intent, and thus I go with you guys every time. And then there are other book marketers who are now good friends, I’ll always go with them. Because it’s trust that is important when it comes to marketing.

Coming back to the practical aspect, haha, it’s the subject and the cover that will do most of the marketing for your book. The Instagram ads and creatives. Fill your social media with your books. Have faith in your story and book and take it to your audience. Place your book in the book fair. 

As I said earlier, I am still learning. So have a beginner’s mindset. 

Q.7 What do you consider your greatest strength as a writer? What do you plan to write next?

Umm, it’s tough to answer the first one. Because it’s my readers who would correctly answer this question. So, I’ll ask my readers the same question, what do you think are my strengths as a writer? 

But I can for sure answer the second one. I am currently writing the second and third books of the Kavaach Trilogy. After the Kavaach trilogy finishes, I’ll explore the topics I want to write about. 

Q.8 Apart from writing, what is that one thing that you are passionate about? What are your likes, dislikes and hobbies? 

I am passionate about my work. It’s my job that takes me away from the world of complex stories. It’s an exciting world of Software, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, and Mixed reality that keeps this passion on. 

I really like the deep conversations with my favourite people. The libraries, bookstores, and the smell of new books, movies, songs, and video games.

What I don’t like are pubs and loud music. Traffic, summers, bugs… and the list goes on.
My hobbies… umm… that’s a tough one because I turned my hobby into a profession. Wait, let me think…. Ahh… Designing book covers. Yes, I can consider that a hobby, I guess.

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Q.9 Who are your target readers and why should they read your books? Your favourite quote from any of your books.

My target audience is everyone. All the people who want to read the books. I don’t want to restrict myself to just one genre. So, with every story, my target audience will change. 

My favourite quote from my book would be this, 

‘Pandavas were the five senses. Draupadi was luck and Lord Krishna was intelligence. Neither luck nor intelligence was present during the game of dice. That’s why all five senses lost.’.

Q.10 If you could give any advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

The best advice that I got from one of my favourite authors, S. Venkatesh Sir, Author of KaalKoot and Agnibaan, was to read more and more books. Write even more but choose the words wisely and topics even more wisely. But first, read more and more. That’s where you’ll have your creativity flowing.


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