The Kingdom of Rascals

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THE KINGDOM OF RASCALS – it’s a suspense thriller debut novel combination of 2 parts inside this book. It’s all about the twisted version of justice is a story where seemingly unrelated and law-abiding people are murdered. Detective Kalindi finds herself amidst the confusing and clueless chain of disappearances and killings which have only one thing in common: a lack of motive. Chief Commissioner of Police Apte is drawn to the unnatural skew on the graph of apparent ‘natural’ deaths in the city, and memory gets triggered when a self-righteous individual who had taken it on oneself to address unsolved issues is revealed. Detective Vikram and his team have to start thinking like the criminal and contain the offender before it is too late. On the day of the encounter, they realize that they have all made a colossal mistake….and only he can stop an innocent man from dying. But is he already too late?


  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ NEXUS STORIES PUBLICATION®; First Edition (14 April 2023)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 215 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9394059911
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9394059917
  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 18 years and up


“The Kingdom of Rascals” is a gripping suspense thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end.

– Madhumita

“The Kingdom of Rascals” is a compelling page-turner that showcases Arunima’s talent for crafting intricate and engaging mysteries.

Anup Das

With its strong characterization, taut pacing, and intricate plotting, it is a must-read for fans of suspense and thriller novels. Highly recommended!



9 reviews for The Kingdom of Rascals

  1. Simonti Ghosh

    From the moment I picked up this book, I was swept away into a world of suspense and intrigue that left me utterly captivated. This debut novel delivers a thrilling combination of suspense and mystery that kept me guessing until the very end.

    One of the aspects that truly impressed me was the exceptional writing style of the author. The prose flowed effortlessly, painting vivid pictures of the scenes and allowing me to immerse myself in the story. The character development was equally impressive, as each protagonist possessed a unique personality that added depth and authenticity to the narrative.

    The plot itself was outstanding and refreshingly unique. The twisted version of justice presented in the story, where seemingly unrelated and law-abiding individuals are mercilessly murdered, had me on the edge of my seat. The lack of motive behind these killings added an extra layer of complexity, fueling my curiosity and keeping me engrossed throughout.

    Furthermore, the presentation of the story was mesmerizing. The author masterfully crafted a web of confusion and cluelessness, challenging both the characters and the readers to unravel the truth behind the murders. I was constantly on the edge of my seat, eager to uncover the secrets hidden within the pages.

    I also appreciated that while the language was powerful, it was not overwhelming for beginners in the thriller genre. The author struck a balance, ensuring that the story remained accessible to a wide range of readers without compromising on the intensity and excitement.

    Ultimately, the book concludes with a satisfying ending that ties all the threads together. It left me both breathless and fulfilled, a testament to the author’s skillful storytelling.

    I really love the book cover as well; it is appropriate and eye-catching, capturing the essence of the story within its design.

    In conclusion, I cannot recommend “The Kingdom of Rascals” enough to all thriller lovers. This well-written novel with its outstanding plot, mesmerizing presentation, and compelling character development is an absolute gem.

  2. Madiha shamsi

    Some books make you feel as though you’ve spent your time wisely. A book like that was this one. I absolutely liked it. First of all, having read one of the author’s books, “The White Maze,” I am somewhat familiar with her writing style. That book was fantastic. This book received a similar rating from me; in other words, I also adored it.I’ve been reading a lot of thrillers lately, and this one was fantastic and hard to put down. It’s fascinating and engrossing to read about murder mysteries.

    I believe that this book’s page count of roughly 270 to 280 was just right for keeping the reader interested.Character growth and the plot were excellent. Readers will be intrigued by the individuals’ attempts to solve the mystery and the unnerving sense of unpredictability that the absence of a reason lends to the narrative. The story’s twists and turns were genuinely unexpected.

    In the future, I would adore to read more of the author’s writing.

  3. Navya

    The book is divided in two parts- part1 titled “The Girlfriend” which has a total of 20 chapters and part2 tittled “The Boyfriend” which has a total of 20 chapters ✨

    Story involves a series of murders that are taking place around but they all have one thing in common i.e. the lack of motive. Detective Kalindi investigates the murder scenes.
    The Chief Commissioner of Police Apte investigates deaths that are made to be appear natural. As the story progresses, many doubts and suspects comes in contact which just makes the story more fun and INTRIGUING to read about. ✨

    The cover page caught my attention. ❤️
    I was hooked to the story the entire time and was eager to know what will happen next in the story! 😻
    Excited to see what the author has next in store for us☺️💕
    Def a must try for everyone! ❤️✨

  4. Narmatha

    The unfathomable crimes committed in varied settings that illuminate the worst aspects of human nature are the focus of Arunima’s novel, The Kingdom of Rascals.The reader is riveted on the novel from beginning to conclusion.

    There are two components to it.Detective Kalindi was caught up in a succession of murders and disappearances in the first section that had no apparent purpose and were baffling and unsolved.May it be a socialite’s partially clothed body discovered hanging in a deserted building.While trying to discover the accuser of crime, numerous things were happening.The book immerses us from the outset in a world where the loved ones commit unimaginable deeds.

    Detective Kalindi also worked on the murder of Bhairavi’s kid, the mistreatment of Sadhana’s daughter by her own father, and the suicide of Kalyani Mukherjee.Inspector Apte and Constable Somnath had assisted Detective Kalindi in such cases.

    When Chief Commissioner of Police Apte’s attention is brought to the anomalous skew in the graph of what appear to be ‘natural’ deaths in the city in the second section, a memory of a self-righteous person who had taken it upon themselves to resolve unresolved problems and leave no ‘loose ends’ is brought to mind is aroused. But the individual is DEAD! Before it’s too late, Detective Vikram and his colleagues need to adopt a criminal mindset in order to apprehend the offender. Although a plan is created, Commissioner Apte is dubious. He realises they have all made a terrible mistake on the day of the encounter, and only HE can prevent an innocent guy from dying.

    The cover does the story credit. The terms used are easily understood and basic.
    There is no gender bias; every protagonist is accurately depicted. Characters, occurrences, and the plot of the tale all contribute to an immersive experience. The plot contains many unforeseeable turns.

    Overall, I enjoyed reading this crime thriller.I advise it to anyone who might like thriller fiction.

  5. Srishti Kumari

    “The Kingdom of Rascals” by ARUNIMA is a strong read. It is a must-read for lovers of suspense and thriller novels due to its great characters, quick pacing, and sophisticated plot.

  6. Ishitri

    As I recently grew interests in thrillers and that’s why my friends keep suggesting me books in this genre.
    After hearing about this title the ‘The kingdom of rascals’, I really got super curious. When I saw the eye catchy book cover, I could not resist myself from picking this up.

    Without giving any spoiler let me tell you about the plot and the protagonist of the story. Detective Kalindi is one of the protagonists of the story who finds herself in a perplexing series of disappearance and murders. Chief commissioner of police Apte is also involved in this unusual patterns of ‘natural’ death in the City. While investigation was going on, the story takes a massive turn when an individual came into the picture who took all the responsibility to solve these cases.

    Will this person be able to do so? what was the end of the story? to know more one has to read the book.

    The book is a real page turner. The storyline is so captivating that I was hooked with the book till the last page.

    Author is successful to maintain the suspense till the climax .

    I absolutely love the book and I am really looking forward to read more books by the author.

    Anyone who is looking for a good thriller to read must check this book out.

  7. Sumit RK

    The Kingdom Of Rascals is a dark and terrifying suspense thriller spinning a web of mystery and suspense that will keep the readers hooked till the end.

    Divided into 2 parts, the book is a twisted and gory tale of revenge and vigilante justice. Detective Kalindi finds herself embroiled in an unsolvable case where seemingly unrelated people are being murdered by an unknown assistant. As the number of killings and disappearances, start piling up a common link between these murders is discovered..As the police start closing in on the killer, they discover more startling facts that threaten to derail the entire investigation. Will the police br able to catch the killer before it’s too late?

    Right from the start, the story sets the tone with a series of gruesome killings.The story is dark and intense with plenty of sequences that will shock and even terrify you. The unrelated characters may be confusing at first but as the picture becomes clearer, you suddenly become aware of the larger picture like a jigsaw puzzle. The story has many moving parts but the story gathers momentum as it moves towards the climax

    The book explores the psyche of the characters. So from the killer to victim, there are no black or white characters but only grey driven by revenge, lust or ambition. As a caution, The gruesome killings and violence are disturbing to read at times but in sync with the darker theme of the book. The book will question the readers concept of morality, of right and wrong, as the line between good and evil starts to blur.

    I found the narration of dividing the story two parts really unique. Each part compliments the other and adds an unique dimension to the story. The writing style is engaging, keeping the readers guessing with just a few clues in between.The story is fast paced and multiple twists and turns will keep the readers engaged

    Overall, The Kingdom of Rascals is a enthralling thriller with a unique plot and excellent storytelling. If you love dark thrillers and murder mystery, you will enjoy reading this book

  8. Ritu

    This book is captivating and gripping tale which takes the readers into journey of mystery suspense,thrill,twists and turns.Author has brilliantly create suspenseful story which has twists and turns.It keeps readers
    engaged throughout.

    The story revolves around Detective Kalindi, who finds herself confused and clueless People who appear to be law-abiding and unrelated are being brutally murdered.The common thread among these crimes is the lack of motive which makes detective work more difficult.I kept on guessing till the end.

    The writing style and narration was amazing.Language of the book is simple and easy to understand.Title is interesting.cover of the book is attractive and eye catching.

    Overall i would like to say this book has everything which a reader want to read.I will strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading murder mystery.

  9. bibliophillic1997

    “The Kingdom of Rascals” is a gripping and suspenseful debut novel that delves into the dark underbelly of justice. With two distinct parts, the story weaves together seemingly unrelated murders of law-abiding citizens, leaving Detective Kalindi perplexed and searching for answers. As Chief Commissioner Apte investigates the unusual rise in unexplained deaths, a self-righteous individual emerges as a possible suspect, triggering memories from the past. Detective Vikram and his team must step into the mind of the killer in order to prevent further tragedy. However, as they approach the final encounter, they realize a grave mistake has been made, and the life of an innocent hangs in the balance. The author skillfully crafts a tangled web of intrigue and keeps the reader guessing until the very end. “The Kingdom of Rascals” is a must-read for fans of suspense thrillers, offering a unique take on justice and its twisted manifestations

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