Time Loop

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Weltri attempts to ascertain some facts by travelling to the future, but when he returns, events in his present take a different turn. Did he change anything in space-time just by the act of time-travelling? Or is it something else?

Swayam wants to travel to the past along with his prospective bride, Rupa, to check whether those very similar dreams that they both have were really some events of the past or just a weird coincidence. And when they do travel to the past, Rupa is attracted to a man in that timeline…

Suresh is Weltri’s reincarnate who has waited long in this lifetime for his past-life wife, Pranayi. Will he ever be able to find her especially when he has no idea if or where she might have taken birth or whether she remembers her past-life? There is nothing he can do to find her, and he has accepted that his wait has been futile, but he still has his time-machine. What good will a time-machine do when what it can do is only to take him to the past, but not reverse time?

Swayam’s father, Nimish, is the least known person from the famous Weltri’s family. But he is so only by choice. He has the brilliance of his father and the logical mind of his mother. But will he be able to change his past and marry the right woman; if he does not, then Swayam may never be born…


  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ One Point Six Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 216 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 9356672628
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9356672628
  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 16 years and up


“Time Loop” is a provocative novel that enraptures from start to finish. It winds around a complex weaved work of art of time, predetermination, and love.


It will appeal to readers who appreciate thought-provoking narratives, philosophical inquiries, and intricately woven stories that leave a lasting impact.

– Sameer Gudhate

Time loop is a fascinating mystery tale that takes the readers into the footsteps of weltri; who travels to future as to understand the reality of present.

– Jatin Hirani

2 reviews for Time Loop

  1. Swapna Peri

    Review Headline
    Immersive story!
    Time travel is always about the impossibilities, not the science. Time travel science and whimsy are limitless, intricate, and delightful. People still like time travel stories because the quest to travel through time may investigate how possibilities and probabilities affect the person and person we will become in the future. Fate is less rigid than it would have us think. Everyone enjoys time travel stories for three reasons. First, it is a genre-transcending method of narrative; second, the time machine or loop laws are original and vital; and lastly, regardless of the plot, Time as a player pushes the character to confront the infinite of their influence.
    In the novel Time Loop by Sumeet S. Navalkar, four people become trapped in a web of past, present, and future in a world where time travel is feasible. Weltri, Swayam, Suresh, and Nimish each have their own experiences, but their lives are intertwined in ways they never expected.

    The intriguing story Time Loop delves into the complications of time travel and its enormous effects on the lives of four interrelated people. Weltri’s travel changes the path of history into the future, while Swayam and Rupa’s investigation of their common visions uncovers unexpected draws in the past. As Weltri’s reincarnation, Suresh yearns to reconnect with the person he loved in a previous life but finds it difficult to do so in this one. With his sharp mind, Nimish must change his past to guarantee his son’s future. In the middle of temporal upheaval, this thought-provoking story explores the nature of cause and effect, love, and the strength of choices.
    The characters wrestle with the paradox of time as their stories converge. They struggle with the consequences of their decisions, wondering if their entire existence and relationships are predetermined by fate or if they have the power to change the path of human history. They can travel across time thanks to the time machine, which also comes with the burden of deciding how and when to use its power.

    Time Loop is a thought-provoking novel that captivates from beginning to end. It weaves a complex embroidered artwork of time, destiny, and love. This fascinating book, written by an unknown author, analyses the intricate relationships between the past, present, and future while exploring the deep effects of time travel and its influence on our lives. The excursions that the characters Weltri, Swayam, Suresh, and Nimish take to test their comprehension of temporal reality and test their views about fate. Their acts have long-lasting effects as their trajectories cross and diverge, posing interesting issues about the nature of cause and effect.

    The author’s writing style is expressive and vivid, immersing readers in the complexities of each character’s experiences. They weave a story that fluidly transitions across timelines, making shifts in viewpoint and time travel both intelligible and exciting. The pacing is well-balanced, maintaining a consistent flow of tension and anticipation as the narrative progresses. One of the novel’s most fascinating features is its examination of the human psyche in the face of temporal manipulation. The protagonists face significant existential quandaries, pondering the essence of free will and how their decisions might change history. This philosophical undercurrent gives complexity to the narrative and prompts readers to reflect on their conceptions of time and its impact on their lives.

    While the concept is intriguing, the potential of over-complicating the narrative is a considerable problem in time travel fiction. Time travel brings complexity by definition, and if not handled properly, it can confound or alienate readers. Readers unfamiliar with this genre or casual readers may struggle to understand the plot.

    The book’s aesthetically attractive cover image successfully conveys the story’s overall tone. It piques readers’ interest in the complicated lives and difficulties of time travel by using symbols for intricacies like a maze, mystery-like individuals, and techno-colour waves. The word time loop provides a feeling of cyclical repetition, enticing readers to start an exciting adventure.

    This time travel story by Sumeet Navalkar begs intriguing concerns about time itself. It compels readers to think about the effects of our choices and how interwoven our lives are across time. Love, fate, and the need for connection are recurring themes in the novel, and these themes cause readers to feel strong even after completing them.

  2. Abarna

    “Time Loop: The Future May Change the Past,”, written by Sumeet S. Navalkar, is a fascinating story about time travel. It’s about how four people get trapped in the time web of past , present and future where time travel is feasible. The story starts with an adventurous man named Westridge, who embarks on a journey to the future to understand what truth is in the present. After his return to the present, he realised that his actions in the future would have a grave Impact on the present. At the same time, we encounter Swayed and Rupa and travel to their past to understand their relationships and the dreams they both shared. In their journey, Rupa Rupa creates an unexpected twist as she turns her relationship with another man into that timeline. Author has done a wonderful job of  exploring  the interconnectedness of fate , personal desires, and coincidence grap the readers and made then feel their presence in the world of time travel. I personally enjoyed this science fiction story and the way the author presented the characters. Overall, this fantasy book never disappoints the readers, as it contains a lot of emotions and twists and turns. A must-read book

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