Who was the Masked Man?

Chris is locked up in the prison of Afterlife. Post the incident on the battlefield, he was sentenced to a harsh imprisonment. He gets a helping hand from a complete stranger called Brandon. Together, they wish to escape from the hell they are put into. Chris realizes that death is not the end. We may live on forever to face the consequences of our deeds on Earth. But this prison is not for him, because he is innocent, and an unfair judgement has brought him to this ruthless place that is full of magic and mayhem.
But is Chris really innocent?
If he is, then who committed the crimes in his name?
Will Chris and Brandon escape the prison of Afterlife, or will the magic swallow them up like the others?


  • Format: ebook
  • Published: January 4, 2022 by Wattpad
  • Language: English


This was such a well planned and greatly thought of book, with focus on each and every single detail, that makes the readers intrigued on what is to come next and the aura of mystery surrounding it.


This book is super entertaining and I truly loved the author’s smooth writing style. It could be your next best read.

– Sneha

The book has a lot of plot twists that engages the reader till the end. The concept of afterlife and a parallel world is out of the box and interesting.

Jasmine Kaur


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