Eternals by Nikita Rajpoot

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It is said that nothing is permanent in this world. I advise you to deliberate over the proverb again as this book is inclined to familiarise you with the Eternals. I firmly believe you reckon that everything is temporary, which is true up to a certain point, but it will remain a reality to you until you know the Eternals. Assuredly, there are permanents even in this temporary world. It is not a hypothetical saying but a truth. This book tells the truth with proper references, proof, facts and beliefs.

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Genre: Spirituality

Age Group: 14+

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  • Spirituality refers to a broad range of beliefs, practices, and experiences related to the inner self, the meaning and purpose of life, and the connection between oneself and a higher power or transcendent reality. It is a quest for something beyond the material world, often involving introspection, meditation, prayer, or other contemplative practices that aim to cultivate a deeper understanding of one’s place in the universe and a sense of harmony, peace, and fulfilment. Spirituality may be rooted in religious traditions but can also be pursued independently of any faith or belief system.
  • Lord Sri Krishna left an enduring impact on the shared consciousness of humanity, imparting valuable lessons about devotion, Dharma, and the ultimate truth. His exemplary life is a model for individuals throughout history, the contemporary era, and undoubtedly for future generations. Regarded as a flawless embodiment of divinity, he continues to be revered by hundreds of millions of people who pray to him, recite his name, contemplate his image, and strive to implement his teachings in their lives. Lord Sri Krishna is considered a spiritual teacher and an embodiment of divinity in many Hindu traditions. His life and teachings are central to the Bhakti Yoga path, which emphasizes devotion and love for God to attain spiritual liberation.
  • The author Nikita’s effort to elucidate the significance of Dharma is commendable in this book. Often, we question or challenge God’s existence for various reasons, forgetting the fact of a universal power that sustains the world. In this regard, Nikita’s portrayal of Lord Sri Krishna as an eternal entity is significant. The author delves into the connection between life, soul, and their journey, drawing inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita and Krishna’s teachings to Arjuna. The book is written in a lucid language that makes it easy to comprehend, and it could be considered a contemporary interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita for everyday readers.
  • This book explains Dharma, which applies to everyone, regardless of caste, creed, colour, or religion. Dharma is based on the roles we play in our lives, which removes religious barriers and emphasizes the roles of each individual, with a focus on Dharma and Karma.