Stories And Sutras by Virat Chirania

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India is the birthplace of legends, the mother of culture and tradition, and as Indians, we love our stories. This book contains ten powerful stories of the original superheroes-stories that will leave a permanent impression on your consciousness and spill over in your conversations, stories of passion and patriotism, of valour and wit, of devotion and sacrifice, and of intelligence and faith.

When decoded, the accounts in this book are not merely stories-they are a treasure trove of wisdom, life hacks, leadership and management sutras. Did you know that Lord Hanuman can teach us communication skills, that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj can teach us how to run a startup and that Chanakya shows us how to use emotional intelligence in business strategy? Have you ever imagined Arjuna, Narada Muni, Kabir and Adi Shankaracharya as leaders and influencers and do you know about Rani Abbakka, one of the unsung battle queens of India? Stories and Sutras is a journey of these incredible tales and priceless sutras-an edutainment experience that is uniquely Indian and utterly global.

Book Review

  • While the world is craving for REEL aka Silver-Screen Superheroes, We Indians are very fortunate to have the REAL Superheroes who established the fact “DUSHTA SHIKSHANA AND SHISHTA RAKSHANA” literally translates “Protection of the Good, for the Destruction of the Wicked”. Our rich mythological heritage introduced many superheroes who are the preceding deities till today to the world. Author Virat Chirania’s “Stories & Sutras” is a unique attempt to re-establish the “Timeless Legends and their Priceless Lessons”. His superfine writing skills will make this book a decoding guide and give you a perfect aid to every individual as life get along, a Granary of knowledge, leadership orchestration, and management prowess.

  • In his Edutainment the author speaks about NINE legendary Superheroes and their perennial powers that pump so much motivation through their competency & dexterity. Every legendary personality discussed in this book is so unique and serves as a life lesson through their actions. Irrespective of the age they existed all the tales are much centric in inspiring the readers and the universe. The author also did justice to the title by timely introducing the Mantras/sutras supporting those mythological icons. Every story/sutra ends with “Key Takeaway”, which serve as summary and help readers with righteous ideas to implement in real-time.

  • Though countable superheroes presented in this book are from a Hindu backdrop, this book is a must-read across all Social groups irrespective of the practice rituals they follow as this is a decent edutainment through the impressions they made in their life journey. Fascinatingly all the superheroes and their life lessons help in enriching our patriotism, shrewdness, optimism, intuitiveness, and devotion. Your search for a work that glorifies our culture, heritage, and traditions with a tinge of our Heroic acts by our Historic and Mythological personnel ends with this book. My heart-felt appreciation goes to the author for his enormous skills around emotional intelligence and meditation, never to miss his TEDx talks, training and coaching experience.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Mythology

Age Group: 12+

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– Kiran Kumar Adharapuram


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