The Alternative Bride by Ms. Bhatia

Book Blurb

What if the bride-to-be comes home married to another guy on the day of her wedding? All hell breaks loose and her family has to compensate for her mistake. The bride Neha Shekhawat is an exception as she runs away from her wedding but returns with a new husband fearlessly to face the world. But the price of her mistake has to be paid by none other than her sister, sweet and caring Riya Shekhawat by marrying the boy in her place to save the prestige of both families. A tale of two hearts where one is broken beyond repair due to the hardships of life and the other has a hard time trusting the word trust. The journey of unconditional love, heartbreak, and passion of the billionaire couple.

Book Review

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Age Group: 16+

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  • How did you feel when you came to attend a marriage and became the bride?
  • The alternative bride follows the story of Riya Shekhawat, who became the alternate bride when her sister appeared at her wedding, already married.
  • Siddharth, the poor groom, was furious with the life decision taken by the elders of the family to marry an unknown girl.
  • Riya and Siddharth both felt trapped in a relationship that was new and hard to follow.
  • Riya was a strong, confident working girl running her business in full swing. However, many secrets were hidden in her life, and she was afraid to trust anybody soon.
  • How will Siddharth and Riya deal with this new relationship situation?
  • We loved Riya’s character; she was a compassionate, intelligent, and self-confident woman who refused to accept no-nonsense but knew when to be calm and handle things.
  • Siddharth’s care and love for Riya melts our heart away. However, we sometimes feel bad for him when his feelings are not reciprocated.
  • The supporting characters, like Manav, Dev, and Veena, are also adorable and play an important role in the story.
  • The writing and narration are simple, and many POVs sometimes stretch the story by repeating dialogues.
  • Though it’s 800 pages long book, it’s worth reading as we enjoyed every bit of it. We will recommend this book to all romance readers. And congratulate the author for her fantastic debut book.