The Girl in the Glass Case by Devashish Sardana

Book Blurb

Simone Singh is a feisty IPS officer who would rather spend her days locking up criminals than apologizing for her lack of social skills. Freshly back from an unjust suspension, Simone is forced to team up with DSP Zoya Bharucha, an empathetic officer who’s as loved in the police force as Simone is shunned.

Tasked with hunting the Doll Maker-who dresses up her victims as pretty Barbie dolls and displays them in glass cases-both must set aside their differences and work together as one team. But Simone and Zoya know that time is running out to piece together the clues as the Doll Maker has made it clear that she has just begun.


Genre: Psychological Crime-Thriller

Book Review

  • The story is set in Bhopal, the crime capital of India, where a serial killer named Clipper is on the loose from a long time. In a period of nine years, a new serial killer emerges, the Doll Maker which only results in making our beloved Clipper feeling insecure about his fame stolen by a newcomer. The Clipper is filled with rage and gets ready to take revenge with the Doll Maker and get the public’s attention back to him. In between all this chaos, there is Simone, an assistant superintendent of police, Zoya, another police party and Irshad, superintendent of police, who have to solve these cases before it results in a blood bath.
  • A competition between two serial killers, how thrilling does it sound? This story is definitely THE ONE if you are looking for a gruesome and engaging thriller. It’s a good long tale, taking you through every detail. The writing is easy to understand and engaging. It moves at a normal pace. What else do you look in a book- interesting story, engaging, unputdownable. Well, we’ve got you covered. It will keep you on your toes, until you get to solve the mystery. We cannot stress enough on how good this debut is. Oh did we not mention, it’s the author’s debut?
  • The tagline is one of the main reasons that makes you pick up this book! Sounds so intriguing, doesn’t it? Keep your girls safe. Boys safer🔥
  • We would recommend it to every reader who is into psychological thrillers. Be sure to pick it up only if you are willing to give it all your time because once you start it, it’s difficult to put it down.

– Sakshi Tiwari