The Kingdom Of Rascals by Arunima

Book Blurb

It’s a suspense thriller debut novel combination of 2 parts inside this book. It’s all about the twisted version of justice is a story where seemingly unrelated and law-abiding people are murdered. Detective Kalindi finds herself amidst the confusing and clueless chain of disappearances and killings which have only one thing in common: a lack of motive. Chief Commissioner of Police Apte is drawn to the unnatural skew on the graph of apparent ‘natural’ deaths in the city, and memory gets triggered when a self-righteous individual who had taken it on oneself to address unsolved issues is revealed. Detective Vikram and his team have to start thinking like the criminal and contain the offender before it is too late. On the day of the encounter, they realize that they have all made a colossal mistake….and only he can stop an innocent man from dying. But is he already too late?

Book Review

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime

Age Group: 18+

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Please check the trigger warnings below before you proceed forward.

Trigger warnings: sex, rape, assault, child abuse, unusual relationships, explicit scenes, death, murder, fetish, domestic abuse

  • The Kingdom of Rascals by Arunima is filled with crime, passion and lust. Imagine the gruesome realities written in the scariest way possible. That’s what this book gives you. It’s a different world altogether but so much similar to our own too at the same time.
  • The web of characters keeps you engaged and thinking. Let us tell you something about these characters. They are so realistic and unrealistic at the same time. Arunima’s writing shows the raw emotions of her characters.
  • She also has a gruesome eye for details. The scenes and the writing are bold (seedhibaat no bakwaas vibes). We see black and white in everything. No grays, either black or white. You will be gasping at every other chapter.
  • Murders are happening in the city – all of them screaming ‘justice’ to the police.
  • Part 1 keeps your brain so engaged that you will forget the existence of the outside world. It is a page turner, adding another mystery in the next. And oh, the sweet pleasure when everything falls into place and the pieces of the puzzle fit.
  • Part 2 was comparatively less gruesome and complex, written in a straightforward manner, or maybe our brain just got used to this by then. ‘This is the new normal’ type. We may have finished reading but we still cannot stop thinking about the story.

This book is clearly for 18+. If you are comfortable despite all the trigger warnings and are ready to forget the real world until you read it’s last page, what are you waiting for? Dive into it- the pool of blood, crime and justice.