When I Opened The Door by Abhinav Bansal

Book Blurb

“When I opened the door” is a metaphorical depiction of opening the door of your heart. This book is about a huge TRANSFORMATION in the life of the author. The book has the thoughts, feelings, emotions that a millennial goes through.

Behind the door is a light of solace, that teaches the true meaning of these feelings. They are not hurdles or setbacks but motivators that test and strengthen you so that you can face any challenge confidently and wisely.

So together, let’s unravel this journey of positivity, motivation, and transformation. Push open that door and see the magic yourself! There is more in you than you think so transform yourself and discover the inner you!

Genre: Poetry

Age Group: 12+

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Book Review

  • Book Aesthetics:

An illustrative marvel of a golden collection jacketed in a hardbound cover brings you a charming poesy with a scintillating artform on every page and is a worthwhile read. A super additive of quotes from legendary dignitaries is something to offer to readers.

  • What is “When I Opened The Door” all about?

Rather than simple poetry, we call this book as author’s personal outlook and his respective life events accompanied by a huge transformation during the course of his journey.

  • Our Thoughts:

Poetry (Spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings) is always our go-to place and plays a vital role in our book-reading journey, we see those lines as anecdotes with a tinge of colloquial coalescenceNo doubt this is our life saviour and helps us reinvent ourselves from the author’s perspective. This beautiful mashup talks about a journey of positivity, motivation, and transformation. Symbolizing the title justification, the book cover opens the gateway towards a refreshing and mystical world for a better tomorrow. 

In-depth meaning and in-detail embellishments in the book will enable you to see the world with a divergent and blossoming intent.

“People Blame Their Destiny,
With Disbelief in Focus, and Vision
And tread towards insanity”

As to tease fellow readers, lines like these will drag and keep us engaged to understand and act upon the thought-provoking poetry collections. Abhinav Bansal is successful in penning down lines on harsh realities and his contemplating aspects like family, society, and environment is commendable. We are happy to share our adoration and deep connectivity with the lines in the book and this book frankly gives us a deep yearning to skim through again.

  • The Writing Style:

Though authoring poetry is a different ball game, Abhinav is successful in pouring his thoughts into a decent 20+ chapters which equally weigh all sorts of emotions and capitulated whacks. We felt the authors’ experience and his ardor after a negative teenage influence.

  • Is it Worth Buying?

If you are a poetic freak who can scan authors’ intent and perspective and can deep dive into the ocean of thoughts and discover self-transformation and inner discovery, this is a perfect pick.

  • Scope of Improvement in the Book:

Non-regular readers may find it vexatious at few places for the byzantine words used in the book as those needed to refer back in the dictionary.

  • Our Favourite Lines:

Life is Tough
Choices Can Be Tough
U need to play it rough
And Don’t get bluffed

  • Closing Thoughts:

“When I opened the door”, is an overall collection of elegant poetry born out of Abhinav’s thought process that spoke about a journey of positivity and motivational transformation. This very book acts as a reference guide for those in the teen phase and to act upon those standpoints to overcome the unforeseen bizarre in the respective life manifestations.